Ex-WCW Star To Make GCW Debut Next Month

Somebody call his momma...

Ernest Miller

Ernest Miller will be making his return to wrestling at Game Changer Wrestling and Black Label Pro's upcoming 4 Stuffs Cupped show.

It's not been confirmed in what capacity the 58-year-old Cat will be utilised, but this news was announced by GCW on Twitter over the weekend.

A three-time Karate World Champion, Miller was brought into professional wrestling by Eric Bischoff, with the Cat first appearing for WCW at 1997's Slamboree PPV.


Initially paired with Glacier, Miller soon turned heel and was paired with Sonny Onoo as his manager. The Atlanta native famously got to interact with the legendary James Brown during that run, and his WCW days would also see him have several stints as the promotion's on-screen Commissioner.

Deciding to stay at home and see our the remainder of his WCW contract once the company was assimilated by Vince McMahon and the then-WWF, Miller would eventually head to McMahon's promotion in late-2002. First serving as an announcer on Velocity, the Greatest would be used as an in-ring talent by 2003, being a part of the SmackDown brand up until his release in February '04.


Since then, the legit badass has wrestled just nine matches - the most recent of which came in 2019 for Orlando's Sunray Pro Wrestling in 2019, where he was part of an eight-man tag bout.

Of course, away from the squared circle, Miller famously appeared as the Ayatollah opposite Mickie Rourke's Randy 'The Ram' Robinson in the Oscar-nominated The Wrestler.

Emanating from Grand Sports Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, GCW/BLP 4 Cups Stuffed takes place on 2 September.

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