Ex-WWE Champion Wants To "Make Right Decision" On Return

This former WWE Champion isn't certain he'll ever wrestle again, but hasn't decided either way.

Big E WWE Champion

Big E wants to "make the right decision" on any possible return to WWE rings, but he admitted during a chat with The Sarah O'Connell show that he's undecided on what's best for him right now.

The former WWE Champ and beloved New Day member suffered a broken neck during a SmackDown match in March 2022. Since then, various reports have wondered whether or not fans would ever see E wrestle again.


In his own words, E says he doesn't "want to be trapped in a broken vessel". He isn't just thinking about his immediate future - the energetic babyface wonders what life will be like 10 years from now, or when he's 50/60 years old.

That's a huge weight on his mind when pondering a comeback (or at least trying to make one).


E also pointed out that the broken neck isn't an isolated injury. He's suffered through countless injuries during twin football and pro wrestling careers, and admits he's "done a lot to [his] body over the years". Still, many fans remain hopeful that they'll get to see Big E back on WWE TV someday.

Fingers crossed, but it's his decision.

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