Ex-WWE Favourite Teases Comeback

Is there a spot for this old WWE favourite on Raw or SmackDown in 2022?

Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has issued a 'come get me' offer to WWE.

The former WWE World Champ told NBC Sports Boston that he's being realistic about a comeback though. Van Dam wouldn't expect to come in and be on top of cards, or anything, but he isn't ruling out working some more matches for the company in the near future.

Of course, as RVD pointed out, "I kinda feel like if they wanted me there, then I would be there". He does have a 'Legends' deal with WWE, but that's only for merchandise - Rob doesn't make many public appearances at autographs signings or meet-and-greets, which he's slightly puzzled by because he'd enjoy doing them.


Van Dam's last WWE match was a count out win over Seth Rollins on the 26 August 2014 episode of 'C' show Main Event. That'll be the answer to a trivia question someday, surely. Since then, Rob has worked everywhere from IMPACT Wrestling to UK independent promotions like PROGRESS and ICW.

He'd love a WWE comeback at some point. The question is, do the company (and, more specifically, Triple H) see value in that?

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