Ex-WWE Female Star Says She's "Done In Wrestling"

Is the end of the road near for this celebrated ex-WWE Women's Champion?

Mickie James WWE Royal Rumble 2022

Mickie James might've just quietly retired from pro wrestling.

The former WWE and IMPACT star responded to a fan question about whether or not she'd take part in WWE's upcoming Women's Tag-Team Title tournament. Quoting the tweet, Mickie said: "No. I feel I'm done in wrestling!".

Few saw that one coming.


James lost the IMPACT Knockouts Title to Tasha Steelz at the company's Sacrifice pay-per-view this past March. Then, she worked a 'Street Fight' rematch with Steelz on the 24 March episode of IMPACT Wrestling - after that, Mickie wrestled a few more bouts but hasn't appeared for the promotion since mid-July.

Fans had been wondering when she'd pop back up again, but the women's wrestling legend is teasing total retirement. Her tweet certainly suggests that Mickie isn't thinking about another run in WWE, IMPACT, the NWA or even taking a stab at working for AEW.


In a follow-up tweet, James asked, "What is left for me to prove anymore? What else can I do?". She then said: "I’d rather bow out screaming ‘Women’s Wrestling Matters’ from the top of the mountain than the valley".

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