Ex-WWE Referee Reveals How Much He Made During The Attitude Era

This former WWE ref made an absolute fortune during the famed Attitude era.

The Rock Hulk Hogan Mike Chioda

Former WWE referee Mike Chioda made an absolute packet during the company's cherished 'Attitude' era.

Chioda told Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' podcast that he earned up to $350,000 at the height of his career - the official also had to head up WWE's ring crew on show days as well as donning the stripes to bag that kinda' cash, but it's still a huge amount of money.

In addition, Mike was on staff payroll, so he could run expenses. Basically, the guy was making quite the tidy sum and got to ref some of WWE's biggest matches to boot. No wonder he loves reminiscing about that period.


Chioda recently popped up in AEW after WWE released him (due to budget cuts) in April 2020. He's been very open about his career with the organisation in shoot-style interviews since, but this is one of the the first times he's openly discussed how much money he made during his pomp.

It'd be cool to learn how much other referees, like Earl Hebner, made during that time. Comparing their figures to Chioda's could be eye-opening, because Hebner probably earned more.

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