Ex-WWE Star Admits To Being "Terrified" On TV

This former WWE wrestler regrets not showing more personality during his run.

Maven WWE 2004

Former WWE star Maven has revealed that he was often "terrified" during performances on company TV, and that's something the season one Tough Enough winner deeply regrets now.

Maven told Chris Van Vliet that he wishes he could turn the clock back and have another stab at things. The ex-WWE man is currently experiencing somewhat of a relevance renaissance due to his popular YouTube channel, but does think things could've been different had he "stopped playing wrestler".


The rookie was placed in a pressure spot almost immediately after his Tough Enough win, and never really settled before eventually being released in 2005. Looking back, he wishes he'd "let more of [his] personality come out" on programming.

Specifically, Maven regrets never cutting promos in his own voice - he adhered to scripts rather than following bullet points, and that led to most of his dialogue feeling half-baked or stilted. It's actually quite noticeable looking back as a fan today.


The man is happy generally though, which is great to hear. Check out his YouTube content for some interesting behind the curtain gems from Maven's time in WWE.

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