Ex-WWE Star Blasts "Punk Ass" Hulk Hogan

A former WWE wrestler has torched Hulk Hogan's wrestling ability and character.

Paul Roma

Former WWE man Paul Roma has blasted ex-peer Hulk Hogan for both his pro wrestling skills and backstage behaviour.

Roma told 'Cheap Heat Productions' that "punk ass" Hulk "started believing his own bullsh*t" fairly early on into his main event run, and things only got worse from that point on. The one-time WWE star, who also had a short run as part of The Four Horsemen in WCW, didn't hold back in his scathing review of Hogan's work.

"He can't wrestle. All joking aside, he can't wrestle", Roma added.


Paul admitted that Hulk was "a great showman", but hates that Hogan receives plaudits from some corners of the wrestling world for being an underrated worker between the ropes. He doesn't agree at all, and actually thinks it sucked that Hulk was booked to kick out of so many people's finishing moves en route to the top.

Roma also alleged that Hogan didn't like visiting sick children or making unpaid personal appearances during the height of his career. That's quite a bold claim, especially when Hulk has also earned acclaim for his dedication to such gigs.

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