Ex-WWE Star BLASTS Vince McMahon's "I Enjoy Firing People" Raw Promo

A recently-released former WWE name wasn't happy with Vince McMahon after Raw.

Franky Monet

Former WWE NXT star Franky Monet, who is now going by the Taya Valkyrie name again, was left incensed by comments Vince McMahon made during a backstage promo with Austin Theory on Monday's episode of Raw.

McMahon said, "I enjoy firing people" and followed that up with a cutting, "I especially enjoy firing people just before the holidays - it gives me a warm feeling in my stomach like I just had a really good meal".

That didn't go over well with Valkyrie.


Taya tweeted out that the "warm feeling" Vince spoke of was "the fire he's lit in all of us". By "us", Valkyrie is presumably referring to every wrestler WWE cut free in 2021. Either that or she's specifically talking about herself and real-life lover John Morrison.

A fan took exception to Taya's comments and pointed out that McMahon has played a ruthless boss on TV since the late-1990s. Firing back after being told to "calm down", Valkyrie said, "It’s my real life, dude".


Other replies called for WWE to edit Vince's words out of the segment on YouTube. That hasn't happened as of yet, and probably won't.


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