Ex-WWE Star Confirms AEW Talks

This former WWE wrestler could show up in AEW, but he's also talking to other companies.

Shelton Benjamin

Former WWE stalwart Shelton Benjamin has revealed that he held "brief" talks with AEW about joining the company sooner rather than later. The ex-Hurt Business man wasn't willing to give too much away though, but more conversations with Tony Khan's reps are expected to happen soon.

Shelton told Chris Van Vliet's 'Insight' show that he's "still open" to chatting with other promotions. TNA is on his radar, and MLW "reached out" to see if Benjamin would be interested in doing some business with them. The veteran is right up for negotiating with anyone who wants to bring him in, and clearly enjoys being so in-demand at this stage in his career.


"I've been presented with options. I just haven't found something that I'm satisfied with".

That last line will catch some eyeballs. It suggests that Shelty B wasn't 100% sold on a move to AEW after sitting down to talk. Benjamin isn't in a rush to sign on the dotted line though - he has time on his side and can afford to weigh up his options.


AEW or TNA seem like his most likely destinations.


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