Ex-WWE Star Gives Unique Perspective On Being "A Job Guy"

Losing loads of WWE matches isn't so bad. No, really. This former worker agrees!

Mojo Rawley

Former WWE man Mojo Rawley has shared some key advice given to him by fellow company alumni Fandango.

The dancing gimmick once told Mojo to enjoy WWE life for as long as possible. Mojo shared this story during an interview with the 'Undisputed' podcast, and said it helped give him fresh perspective on how much wins and losses really matter when you're a professional wrestler.

"It’s not about who wins the most titles and who has the best runs, it’s about who can last the longest. How long can you survive?".


Those words resonated with Rawley, because he realised that WWE's creative team/higher-ups did view those who never complained as "soldiers". Workers who put up with minimal focus without complaint were typically rewarded at some point for their efforts - that reward might be a title win, a new merch item or even a sustained push.

Mojo said this is "a testament to just rolling with it"; "We’re getting paid to travel the world with our buddies, and joke around/pretend to fight in our underwear. Even if you’re a job guy, this is still a great gig!".

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