Ex-WWE Star Makes Rare Public Appearance With The Hardy Boys

You'll never guess who popped up alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy at an indy show.

Steve Blackman Matt Jeff Hardy

Hey, look - it's former WWF Hardcore Champion and all-round 'Lethal Weapon' Steve Blackman!

The ex-WWE worker made a rare public appearance alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy at an indy show in Maryland on Sunday night. Blackman showed up alongside fellow alumni like The Hardy Boys and Rikishi for MCW’s Spring Fever.

Steve doesn't make a habit of this, which is something Matt noted when he posted a pic of himself with Blackman and brother Jeff on Twitter. Both Hardy lads looked positively thrilled to bump into Blackman again; they probably haven't seen the guy since all three worked together in WWE at the turn of the millennium.


Blackman left the company in October 2002, but wrestled his last match on TV the prior December. Since then, he has popped back up for sporadic showings. Steve appeared on Raw's 15th Anniversary special in December 2007, for example.

Even appearances on the indy circuit are few and far between for him though.


Rikishi posted a pic of himself with Blackman via Instagram. He called the six-time Hardcore Champ someone who has been his friend for "20 plus years".


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