Ex-WWE Star Makes Surprise Debut On AEW Rampage

A former WWE NXT UK man just debuted in Tony Khan's company on AEW Rampage.

Orange Cassidy Trent Seven AEW

Trent Seven just made his surprise debut on the latest AEW Rampage.

The former WWE NXT UK man was introduced as a late replacement for Kip Sabian - Sabian had previously told Orange he'd find somebody to wrestle him. That "somebody" turned out to be Trent, and he went on to wrestle Cassidy for the All-Atlantic Title.

Orange retained his belt, then both Seven and Kip attacked him after the bell. That prompted none other than Dustin Rhodes to run out for the save. It's up in the air right now whether or not Trent will return to All Elite for another match or two, or if this was a one-night-only cameo.


It'd certainly make sense to book a tag-team bout between all four men soon.

Seven ended his approx six-year stay in WWE on 18 August. He was one of many NXT UK releases on that date, but he hasn't actually worked too many matches since departing. In fact, Trent has only wrestled five times since August. This AEW showing was the fifth.


Stay tuned for more on Seven if it breaks. Some on social media expect he'll be back.

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