Ex-WWE Star Melina Speaks About Rape

Former Women's Champion "felt suicidal" after sexual assaults.

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Former WWE 'Diva' Melina Perez, better known as Melina, published a series of posts on social media this weekend outlining her history of sexual assault. Perez's frank revelations were an indirect response to Matt Damon's controversial statements that not all sexual misconduct allegations should be treated in the same manner.

In her original Tweet, Perez stated:

Been raped, been grabbed, been cornered and told things that a guy wants to do to me even though I told him to stop. All unwanted. All made me feel helpless, uncomfortable & scared of what's going to happen next. Different levels but ALL WRONG regardless.


She later followed this up with a lengthy post on both Facebook and Instagram, in which she divulged that she felt suicidal after being raped:

Granted being cornered to be harassed & being grabbed didnt lead me to want to commit suicide like rape did but all were life altering.
All made me feel like I had no power, I wasn't safe, I had no value and I wasn't a human being. That I am simply a thing. My worth, my purpose, my existence altered. If I say anything I'm a liar, exaggerating or looking for attention. So many suffer this helplessness in silence. Which I did for years.
I'm not looking to point fingers, I want to educate people on the subject, be here for victims and get those suffering silence on the path to recovery. Sexual assault doesn't just happen to women. Like @safehorizon posted on Twitter:
Sexual assault doesn't discriminate and neither should we. #MeToo has to include women of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, people living with disabilities, children and teenagers, the elderly, and yes, men and boys.

Perez previously addressed her issues with sexual assault and suicide back in April during a Party Foul Radio podcast, in which she spoke about dealing with online bullying.

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