Ex-WWE Star Not Interested In Hall Of Fame Induction

This former WWE star doesn't put much stock in the company's Hall Of Fame.

Skinner WWE

Former WWE man Steve Keirn has sensationally stated he isn't really all that interested in being inducted into the company's Hall Of Fame.

Keirn told Wrestling Epicenter that he's happy for everybody who has been honoured to date, but added: "They’re not all there [for] being great workers". He then went on to say that "this business is a work" - apparently, according to Steve, that includes the Hall Of Fame selection process.


The retired grappler is best-remembered for being a member of The Fabulous Ones alongside tag-team partner Stan Lane in the NWA and in various other territories. His biggest claim to fame in WWE circles was playing alligator hunter Skinner on TV in the early-1990s.

Keirn doesn't think any of that would be enough to get inducted. When pressed on whether or not he'd be thrilled to get picked, Steve asked one question. "Why?". He acknowledged that he'd had some good times in pro wrestling, but "that doesn’t mean you qualify to be inducted into a Hall Of Fame".


Basically, he doesn't live his life wishing upon the stars that WWE will call someday.


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