Ex-WWE Star Opens Up On Being "Pretentious" And "Arrogant"

Heat with Vince McMahon? Check. Holding his WWE career to "a higher standard"? Check.

Raven WWE

Former WWE star Raven "had heat" with Vince McMahon during both of his runs in the company.

Raven told Soundsphere that (in particular) he "didn't get to do everything [he] wanted" during his second stint with WWE between 2000-2003. The celebrated ECW original actually viewed his career as a failure because he didn't win Vinnie Mac's World Title - Raven later "had to spend time on a psychologist’s couch to be happy" and "accept the fact that [his} career was incredibly successful".

He admitted during the interview that he always held himself "to a higher standard" than others around him. That, Raven says, was "arrogant" and "pretentious" behaviour. Had a peer moaned about a career as successful as his, he'd have cut them down and then helped them see that they still had a great time.


Raven couldn't see that at the time. He had quite the chip on his shoulder.

Some of this "heat with Vince McMahon" may have been born during his first WWF/WWE run in the early-1990s. The then-Johnny Polo partied with a young and impressionable Shane McMahon, and that could've raised the ire of Vince.

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