Ex-WWE Star Remembers "Toe Sucking" Segment

File this one under things you didn't need to know about WWE performers.

Gene Snitsky

Ex-WWE star Gene Snitsky might've just come through with the least-wanted pro wrestling news item of the week.

He told the 'Cheap Heat' show that Mae Young "loved every minute of" him sucking her toes during a backstage segment at WrestleMania 22. Explaining, Snitsky said iconic female worker Mae "wanted more" and "insisted [he] keep going" even after directors yelled for them to cut.


The former star was also known to punt fake babies into the crowd during his time with WWE, and says he regrets nothing looking back. Still, not a lot of wrestling fans will thank him for going in-depth on some grandest stage toe sucking.

Snitsky described himself as "a professional foot connoisseur" during the interview, and said he got in some practice before 'Mania on his wife. Yeah, the big man seemed to really enjoy exploring this stuff again. Hopefully, he won't pop back up at WrestleMania 39 to kiss any feet.


Stranger things have happened, to be fair, but WWE business could tank if ol' Gene starts sucking on toes like it's 2006.

Right, enough about that. Enjoy your lunch/dinner.

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