Ex-WWE Star Says "Boring" Triple H Should've Been Kicked Out Of Evolution

This guy wasn't in it for the long Paul...

Mark Jindrak Evolution

Former WCW and WWE wrestler Mark Jindrak believes that Triple H, not he, should have been booted out of WWE's old Evolution stable.

Speaking with Sitting Ringside, the old WCW Power Plant product recalled the story of him getting cut from the pre-launch version of Evolution, which reportedly came as a result of his immaturity on the road with Randy Orton. Jindrak was replaced by Batista and the rest is history.

On being booted, Jindrak said that 'The Game' should have been punted from Evolution instead. Why? "Because he was the bore. He was boring as sh*t, man. He was boring as sh*t."


Jindrak then brought up the Ruthless Aggression docuseries, which had Triple H claiming that he and Ric Flair decided Mark wouldn't go a good fit. Disputing this, Jindrak said "It was not Ric in any way, shape or form. It was Triple and that's the whole thing."

He added that the team-building car rides the proto-stable took together exposed Hunter as a "Non-charismatic bore."


Jindrak, 43, was released by WWE in 2005, but went on to have a relatively successful run with Mexico's CMLL, competing as Marco Corleone. He hasn't wrestled since March 2018.

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