Ex-WWE Star Says He Thought Scott Steiner Was "Gonna Kill" Him

Scott Steiner was oblivious to the extreme fear this former WWE wrestler felt.

Scotty 2 Hotty

Former WWE man Scotty 2 Hotty has told Fightful Select how he once feared for his life because he thought Scott Steiner was "gonna kill" him.

Scotty was working some dark matches vs. Sabu on WWF cards in the mid-90s, and the ECW stalwart wanted to work in a hurricanrana spot somewhere in the sequence. Another name for the hurricanrana? The 'Franksteiner', of course.

That's why Hotty was sh*tting his pants.


He caught wind that Steiner was in the back, and he figured Scott would see him use one of his famous moves and want to know why - basically, the future Too Cool star believed that Steiner would rag doll him around backstage for daring to steal his spots.

Hotty had nothing to worry about. Scott Steiner didn't approach him about using a version of his 'Franksteiner', and nothing bad happened. It's actually unlikely that Steiner was sitting around watching enhancement workers have dark matches anyway.


Scotty knows that now, but he was terrified at the time. Sabu, meanwhile, was having none of it. He wanted to perform some flashy spots for the live crowd and hopefully catch the WWF's eye.

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