Ex-WWE Star Says Shane McMahon Should Be In Charge

A former WWE worker believes Shane McMahon should run the entire company.


Who should run WWE when Vince McMahon either passes on or decides to pass the torch? Triple H? Stephanie McMahon? A twin-pronged combination of both? According to former WWE star JTG, it's neither of them.

He thinks Shane McMahon should get the gig instead.

JTG told the 'Wrassingh Show' that he "would love to have [Shane] in charge" of the entire company. Why? Well, the ex-Cryme Tyme man witnessed first hand "what he brings to the table", and he was always impressed by Shane's energy/zest for business whenever he was around him during his run.


Those qualities make Vince's only son the most natural successor, at least in JTG's mind.

JTG also said that he wouldn't like to see the McMahon family sell WWE to a third party. Nah, he wants to "see the legacy continue on", and thinks there's something to be said for keeping the juggernaut promotion firmly in the family.


He'd have Shane as "captain", then keep Trips and Steph around to help run the place alongside him. That power balance could be challenging to maintain without Vince though, but JTG wants to see it happen when the time is right.

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