Ex-WWE Star Says She ENJOYED Being Challenged By Creative

Creative changes and indifference made this former WWE star feel stronger.

Liv Morgan Ruby Riott

Former WWE star Ruby Riott has told the Wrestling Perspective Podcast that she actually gleaned some enjoyment out of working under the promotion's restrictive creative process.

"I like to be heard - even if it’s to be heard and be sh*t on", she said.

That brilliant summary of what it's often like to work under the WWE umbrella isn't something Ruby plans to hide behind though. She did add that parts of her personality were left on the cutting room floor, but Riott isn't content to act blameless in all of that.


The often-overlooked women's star regularly felt "stifled" by the creative team's whims. However, she didn't always view that as a negative. Instead, it was a challenge that she worked hard to overcome, and Ruby is proud of everything she did achieve in the company during a five year spell.

Riott told the pod that she thrives when put into situations that might not seem easy, and that process isn't one she battled alone anyway. Many WWE stars have to put up with the same thing, so it's refreshing that Riott remains positive post-release.


She feels like a better performer for experiencing WWE.

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