Ex-WWE Star Says She'll "Spill The Tea" About Her WWE Release Soon

One former WWE star has promised some juicy info about her recent release.

Lana WWE Raw

Lana has promised fans on Instagram that she'll "spill the tea" about her recent WWE release very, very soon.

The ex-Raw star said she plans on "speaking out on things that for years I have been silent about" in a series of posts. Lana also teased that this proverbial "tea" will be "hot and delicious", so it sounds like she has some things to get off her chest about the way WWE handled her release.

Lana has already admitted that she wasn't expecting it.


These vlog posts will apparently begin next week; the first is scheduled for Monday 21 June, so look out for that. Lana didn't detail exactly how many videos she'd produce on the subject, but it does seem like she has a lot to say.

WWE released Lana on 2 June. She's taken a few weeks to process everything, and now feels ready enough to broach the subject. Some fans on social media have predicted that it's only a matter of time before Lana ends up in AEW alongside real-life husband Miro.


Stay tuned for more on Lana's vlogs over the next few weeks.

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