Ex-WWE Star Says THIS Faction Almost Debuted On Raw/SmackDown

You almost saw this popular NXT faction on WWE's main roster, but plans changed.

Undisputed Era

Triple H originally wanted to bring NXT's Undisputed Era faction to WWE's main roster, but it didn't happen in the end.

Former WWE and AEW man Bobby Fish told this story on the 'Going Broadway Podcast'. According to him, the company almost brought Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong and Fish to Raw or SmackDown a few years back - perhaps weirdly though, Bobby couldn't recall an exact year/date for this jump up from NXT.


He says it was "definitely" discussed.

Fish believes WWE's creative team started fleshing out plans for the faction, but then changed course. That happens a lot in pro wrestling, obviously, but it was slightly frustrating for the quartet. They were told that WWE might "revisit" an Undisputed Era main roster leap sometime in the future.


That didn't happen, at least not full time. Instead, all four men eventually left the promotion. Three of them (Fish, Cole and O'Reilly) landed in AEW, but Bobby has since departed that roster too.

Undisputed Era on WWE's main roster will always be considered 'one that got away' amongst fans. However, there were no guarantees that Vince McMahon would've used the group correctly anyway.

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