Ex-WWE Star Says Vince McMahon Released Her Due To "Personal Crap"

This former WWE wrestler couldn't believe Vince McMahon terminated her contract.

Alundra Blayze

WWE Hall Of Famer Alundra Blayze/Madusa believes Vince McMahon "wasn't in his right mind" when he sent termination papers to her house in 1995.

The-then WWF Women's Champion was left stunned by the chief's decision to let her go. Blayze told 'The A2theK Wrestling Show' that she still thinks Vince was just under serious pressure due to the fallout of a grim steroid trial in the courts.

According to Alundra, McMahon was downsizing operations and that's why he elected to let her out of her contract so she could join WCW. Of course, Vince didn't realise that Blayze was still Women's Champion and could take that belt to the opposition's new Monday Nitro weekly then dump it in the trash.


That's what Blayze did.

She reckons it was some oversight from Vince to let that happen. It was an out of character display, which is why Alundra thinks all McMahon's "personal crap" blinded him at the time. Nowadays, the Hall Of Famer can look back and laugh at what happened.


Blayze certainly wasn't laughing back then though. She couldn't understand what was going through Vince's mind.

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