Ex-WWE Star Shoots On Possible Return

Fans were shocked when WWE released this wrestler, but...will they be back?

Mandy Rose

The entire pro wrestling world was left stunned when news broke that WWE had released Mandy Rose from her contract in December 2022. Further eyebrows were raised when it was revealed that content posted on Mandy's personal FanTime account was being cited as the main reason why WWE severed ties.

Now, Rose has broached the subject of a possible company return. She told I95 Rock's 'The Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show' that she's not in the right place to commit to a comeback just yet. In fact, Mandy isn't really thinking about pro wrestling generally, and is far too busy with all of her other business ventures.


Rose also said she'd like to start a family and focus on that side of her life too. Having children would obviously impact her wrestling career (if it resumed) and any possible WWE return. So, in short, don't expect to see Mandy back on Raw, SmackDown or NXT any time soon.

In a classy moment, Rose did say she appreciates how much WWE did to "put equity on [her] name". She also greatly enjoyed her run as NXT Women's Champion.

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Mandy Rose
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