Ex-WWE Star Shoots On "Rotten" Bray Wyatt Royal Rumble 2023 Match

This former WWE employee thought Bray Wyatt's "Pitch Black" match sucked.

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Jim Cornette was not a fan of WWE's "Pitch Black" match between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight at Royal Rumble.

The former manager/commentator/producer/creative team member told listeners via his podcast that the Mountain Dew-sponsored bout was "rotten" and "f*cking stupid" from start to finish. Cornette blasted Wyatt generally, and said he's "the drizzling sh*ts" if he came up with that showpiece and thought it was good enough to be on pay-per-view.



Of course, Jim is no stranger to a right good rant about modern pro wrestling, but he was particularly fired up about "Pitch Black". To him, the neon-drenched attraction made Knight look like a "blithering dipsh*t". Continuing, Cornette said he'd "call in sick" if he was a WWE wrestler and booked opposite Bray in the future.

"Corny" wasn't done there. Jim went on to say that Wyatt should quit trying to be a "video game character" and "horror movie star" right now. Cornette added that he hopes Bray's merchandise sales are "worth it to him", and pointed out that he's strangling the WWE product with this sort of fare.


Wyatt has yet to respond to these comments, and probably won't.

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