Ex-WWE Star Thinks Raw Could Be LONGER On Netflix

Three hour episodes of Raw have become standard, but...could WWE expand them?!

Nic Nemeth Dolph Ziggler TNA
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Current TNA star and ex-WWE man Nic Nemeth thinks there's scope for Monday Night Raw to experiment with show lengths when the flagship moves to Netflix in January 2025.

Nemeth told Busted Open Radio that he's "curious" to see what the show is like without ad breaks or any other "interruptions". In theory, wrestlers running over on match time or during promos won't be as big a deal to Triple H as it is on USA Network.


So, this could open up all sorts of possibilities and actually loosen the rigid formatting fans (including Nic) have grown accustomed to over the years. Giving an example, Nemeth said most wrestling viewers know exactly when broadcasts are about to go to commercial breaks - they're also aware that something major is supposed to happen at the top of each hour to catch people tuning in.

Could WWE expand on Raw's current three-hour length? That'd be risky, because the show is already quite the commitment on Monday nights. The former Dolph Ziggler is intrigued to see what's possible when Raw leaps onto a new platform next year though.

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