Ex-WWE Tag-Team Call Their Overlooked Legacy "Total Bullsh*t"

Former WWE Tag-Team Champs say they deserve more credit than fans give them.

The Headbangers

Headbanger Thrasher doesn't think either he or Mosh "get any goddamn love".

The Headbangers both told Wrestling Inc Daily that they're regularly overlooked when wrestling fans talk about the best tag-teams of the 'Attitude' era too. Thrasher is particularly salty that the duo's 'Stage Dive' finisher isn't spoken about in the same glowing terms as The Dudleyz' '3D' or LOD's 'Doomsday Device'.

He didn't hold anything back - Thrasher ranted and raved about this being "total bullsh*t".


Mosh didn't quite go as heavy as his partner, but Thrasher went all in on the outburst. He went on to say that comparisons between The Headbangers and The Bushwhackers really offend him, because he believes his team could 'go' with the best tag-teams in the world during their prime.

They were definitely better workers than Luke and Butch; few, if any, fans would dispute that.


Thrasher also claimed that performing the 'Stage Dive' safely is tricky. According to him, it's one of the most dangerous moves in all of pro wrestling, and could go badly wrong if he or his buddy weren't paying full attention.

What do you think about Thrasher's comments? Are The Headbangers sorely underrated?

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