Ex-WWE Wrestler Was "Blown Away" By His Second Firing But "Happy" About His First

Who was it?


Current Impact Wrestling star Brian Myers has revealed that he was "f*cking shocked" by his WWE release earlier this year.

Myers, who was known as Curt Hawkins in WWE, told the 'Talk 'N' Shop' podcast that he couldn't believe it when the company informed him he was being let go this past April. His shock contrasted heavily with the happiness and relief he'd felt in 2014 when WWE released him the first time.

Back then, Myers admitted to punching the air with delight when he was still on the phone learning about his termination. Those feelings weren't repeated in 2020.


Instead, Brian couldn't believe what he was hearing. He'd been learning the ropes as a producer in WWE, and had literally just spoken about being released with friends via WhatsApp the previous night; everyone in the chat group agreed that the promotion couldn't fire them all because "it'd look so bad".

So much for that.


Myers had also just signed a new five-year deal to remain with WWE when he heard about his second release. It caught him totally off-guard, and was a million miles away from the elation he felt six years prior.

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