Ex-WWE Writer Recalls Falling Out With Triple H

Triple H wasn't keen on Freddie Prinze Jr's grand plans for WWE's top title.

Jeff Hardy WWE Title

Former WWE writer (and actor) Freddie Prinze Jr has lifted the lid on a backstage bust up with Triple H over plans for the WWE Championship.

Prinze Jr told The Ariel Helwani Show that he was the one who pushed for Jeff Hardy to win the top belt at Armageddon 2008. Trips, who was also challenging reigning champ Edge heading into that year-ending pay-per-view, strongly disagreed with Freddie's plans for the main event three-way.

Vince McMahon sided with Prinze Jr though, and Hardy ended up winning the title as '08 came to a close. By mid-2009, Jeff's personal problems had caught up with him and he was released from contract. That, Freddie says, had been Trips' original worry all along.


'The Game' was concerned that Hardy wasn't in the right frame of mind mentally to handle the strain of being WWE's top titleholder. Prinze Jr told Helwani that Triple H "wasn't having it" when he learned that Jeff was bagging the belt heading into '09.

That led to a frosty relationship between creative team member and wrestler. It's something Freddie still thinks about today too.

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