Ex-WWE Writer Remembers Vince McMahon "Getting Hot" At Donald Trump

Why did the WWE leader get angry about Trump on his private plane?

Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are well-known friends, but that doesn't stop the pair from being ultra-competitive against one another, especially in public.

Ex-WWE writer and current MLW CEO Court Bauer appeared on 'Talk Is Jericho' to share quite the story about their odd relationship. He was there when WWE were building towards the 'Battle Of The Billionaires' match at WrestleMania 23, and he witnessed McMahon lose his sh*t on his private plane after an episode of Raw.

Vince wasn't happy that Trump had shown up wearing a padded overcoat. According to the WWE boss, Donald was trying to upstage him - he told confused onlookers (including Bauer), "Did you see that? He was wearing that jacket! Clearly, his shoulder pads were stuffed - he was trying to look bigger than me, it’s ridiculous!".


McMahon was incensed at the thought of Trump trying to look physically larger than him, and he didn't appreciate that his so-called pal would try to be more intimidating on camera.

WWE staff had to sit there and listen to Vince rant and rave about Donald. Nobody dared say a word.

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