Ex-WWE Writer Says He Was Suspended For "Slap Fight" With Paul Heyman

Backstage fights with Paul Heyman caused a WWE suspension for this former writer.

Brian Gewirtz

Brian Gewirtz is a name familiar to hardcore fans from yesteryear. The former WWE Raw writer scripted some of the best moments in the flagship show's history, and his upcoming book (titled, 'There’s Just One Problem: True Tales from the Former, One-Time, 7th Most Powerful Person in WWE') should be must-read stuff.

There's a story in there about the time he fought Paul Heyman backstage too. No, seriously - Gewirtz and Heyman had a "slap fight", and Bri was only too happy to tell Cheap Heat all about it. The pair didn't exactly see eye-to-eye on something creatively, and things escalated to the point that fists were thrown.

WWE suspended Gewirtz for the incident.


Brian doesn't actually know who came out on the winning end of things though. He said "it wasn’t exactly Tyson/Holyfield", and was probably rather embarrassing to witness firsthand. However, both Gewirtz and Heyman felt strongly enough about their opinions that they were literally willing to fight for them.

The "slap fight" didn't sit well with WWE management behind the scenes, and they knew they had to punish at least one party. Gewirtz was the unlucky sod who got suspended.

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