Exactly When Kofi Kingston Suffered His Jaw Injury

WWE News - Kofi Kingston Explains When He Suffered Broken Jaw!

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With Kofi Kingston currently out of action with a broken jaw, the former WWE Champion has revealed exactly when this injury took place.

Speaking on The New Day’s Feel the Power podcast – as picked up on by the Wrestling Observer – Kingston explained how, as some had speculated, this injury seems to have happened during his and Xavier Woods match against Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin at last month’s TLC PPV.

As Kofi explained:

“So going back to when I had injured my jaw, I got kneed in the face by Cedric Alexander like three weeks ago, and a couple of my teeth chipped. It was all fine, it was cool, and the point of impact was just real sore. I thought, ‘Okay, it’s a bruise or whatever’. The next week, we actually had, like, a six-man match and everything was fine. A little pain, but not terrible.”

Kingston continued:

“Then the next week, when we had our match, right before we went out, it just keep feeling like it was just loose. Like, ‘Oh, this is weird’. As soon as we get out there to the ring, I’m moving around and now I’m feeling it kind of, like, come out of place and just feel like it wasn’t set in. I feel like if the fans were there, I wouldn’t have felt that. Like throughout the whole entire match, any time something would happen, I would get hit or whatever, I’ll grab my jaw. And I’m, like, the entire match thinking about it the whole time.”

From what Kofi has said, it seems that this jaw injury did indeed happen at the TLC PPV, where he and Woods lost the Raw Tag Team Titles to the Hurt Business duo of Alexander and Benjamin – and that contest was followed by an eight-man, not six-man, match eight days after the pay-per-view.


Kingston missed last week’s Raw episode with what was detailed on WWE TV as a “broken jaw”, and it remains to be seen when the Dreadlocked Dynamo will be cleared for in-ring action again.

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