Exactly Who Was Running Last Night's WWE NXT

In The Game's absence, who was overseeing last night's inaugural NXT 2.0 broadcast?

Tommaso Ciampa NXT 2.0

Given the relaunch of the brand and Triple H's absence, many had pondered who would be overseeing last night's inaugural NXT 2.0 broadcast.

In a report from PWInsider, the person running the show last night was WWE Vice President Kevin Dunn.

Dunn was backstage at NXT and personally oversaw the USA Network broadcast of the show. In addition to long-time WWE producer Dunn, Shawn Michaels was another who was backstage for this NXT relaunch. Not just backstage was Michaels, though, for he also came out to see the live crowd once the broadcast had wrapped up.


Of course, Triple H is currently taking some time off to recover from his recent surgery for a "cardiac event". Another person not at this most recent NXT episode was Samoa Joe. This past weekend had Joe forfeit the NXT Championship due to a medical issue, with last night's show seeing Tommaso Ciampa become the new NXT Champion after winning a four-way bout featuring Pete Dunne, LA Knight and Von Wagner (the former Cal Bloom).

PWI also reports that, as is often the case with main roster WWE programming, the script for NXT was changed "a ton" throughout Wednesday.

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