EXCLUSIVE: AEW's Miro Says Interim World Title Is "Beneath" Him

Miro shoots on AEW's interim World Title situation ahead of Forbidden Door.

Miro AEW

AEW star Miro "wasn't interested in charity titles".

The Bulgarian also told WhatCulture's own Andrew Pollard that the upcoming interim World Title situation at AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door is "beneath" him. Sure, Miro was in-character when he was mouthing off about a match between Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi, but his comments are still a lot of fun.

Miro recently returned to AEW TV after approx six months on the shelf due to injury - he beat Johnny Elite (ex-WWE man John Morrison) on the 1 June episode of Dynamite, and then immediately became involved in the promotion's new All-Atlantic Championship race.


Forbidden Door will feature a four-way bout pitting Miro, PAC, Malakai Black and Clark Conners (who was a late replacement for Tomohiro Ishii) against one another for the brand new belt. Going in, Miro would certainly be a fine choice as the title's first champ.

His words during our interview suggest that some sort of 'Champion vs. Champion' scenario could be in the offing post-pay-per-view. Miro vs. Jon Moxley, for example, would be a neat marquee match for AEW in coming months.


Either that or Miro is just staying true to his character. Or, y'know, at the wind up.


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