EXCLUSIVE Eric Bischoff Interview: SuperShow Live, WWE Vs. AEW, Social Media, More

What are you looking forward to most about SuperShow Live and what can fans expect from it?

Bischoff: These are so much fun. I talk often about how much fun as a performer I've had throughout the last 30 years and why I enjoy it. I think anybody that has been out in front of a live crowd for a living becomes somewhat addicted to the rush and the vibe of a live audience. I look forward to this so much because it's so much fun for us. The more fun it is for us, the more fun it is for people in the audience, and that symbiotic relationship is a blast. The audience gets to control what the show ends up being. There's a lot of Q&A. There's a good section of the show that ends up being basically stand-up comedy. You've got a group of people up on that stage and a lot of unique perspectives and experiences and stories.

Do you ever have any nerves going into an event like this?

Bischoff: Nothing but anticipation. I know this is going to sound to people like I don't care enough, but I'm at my best when I'm in an improv state of mind. I don't have a lot planned. When I do an event like this, what you see is what you get and I'm not out there to put on a show as much as I am to interact with the audience. My goal at the end of these things to make every single individual at that show feel like they were out for a burger and a beer with me, sitting across the table talking about wrestling. I've done my best work without a net in a live TV environment because that energy from the audience changes everything.



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