EXCLUSIVE Update On MJF's AEW Contract Status

The latest on the AEW World champion's plans.


WhatCulture Wrestling has learned new information pertaining to the contract status of All Elite Wrestling World champion MJF.

It is understood, from a source familiar with the situation, that the 26 year-old has not signed a long-term contract extension. His current deal is still set to expire in January 2024, after which he will be able to negotiate with other wrestling promotions as a free agent.

Furthermore, MJF remains undecided about whether to re-sign with AEW or explore different opportunities - despite appearing in a far more prominent role as the top heel in the company upon his return to action at All Out on September 4, 2022. Prior to his return, MJF went on an extended hiatus between June and August of that year following a pay dispute. The extent to which the saga evolved into a work (and when) varies between reports, but MJF's salary was a legitimate source of tension between the performer and AEW.


It was reported by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful in March of last year that MJF had grown disgruntled over the terms of his existing deal and that several people who followed him into AEW were earning “way more” money.

It was stressed in Sapp’s report that Khan had no personal issue with MJF.

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