Fandango Shoots On Vince McMahon's "Weird" WWE Plan For Him

WWE boss Vince McMahon had a very specific plan in mind for ex-star Fandango.

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"Vince didn't want me to wrestle".

Those were the words of ex-WWE man Fandango during a recent interview with the 'Such Good Shoot' podcast. According to him, McMahon was dead set against the idea of Fandango doing much beyond dancing during his matches, and the wrestler found that pretty "weird".

The boss even wanted Fandango's breakout moment against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 to be short - the match was initially booked to go just five minutes, and would've involved nothing but Jericho "beating the sh*t out of" WWE's dancing fool before Fandango scored a surprise roll-up for the win.


Jericho must've argued against that, because the match went closer to 10 mins on the night and was much more back-and-forth. That, according to Fandango, was "way too much time for what Vince wanted". He described the early months of his run as a "weird situation" generally.

Vince hammered home his point about dancing over wrestling time and time again. That'd eventually stop, but it definitely had an impact on Fandango's bedding in period. Despite trying to give McMahon what he wanted, Fandango couldn't figure out how to fill 90% of his bouts with dance moves.

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