Fandango Turning Babyface After WWE Raw?

Dancer dumps Rosa Mendes before returning to old theme music.

As seen on last night's Raw from London, Fandango apparently dumped valet Rosa Mendes following a quick defeat at the hands of Stardust. Fandango claimed to have figured out the problem, that being that he was sharing the spotlight. He then preceded to return to his old music, "ChaChaLaLa", the theme song that gained a lot of publicity a couple of years back and almost broke into the UK Top 40 singles chart. Gaining a huge pop from the UK crowd, Fandango led the crowd in the infamous Fandango shuffle, as he posed on the announcer's table and on the barricades. Later, Fandango tweeted on his account (@WWEFandango):

Sometimes you know when it feels right. Thank you, #RawUK. #ClassicFandango #Raw #ChaChaCha
This morning PWInsider reported that this is indeed an official babyface turn for Fandango, which indicates Vince may not have totally given up on the character just yet. It was clear two years ago that WWE wanted the Fandango shuffle to catch on in the states the same way the "YES!" chants did as they heavily promoted any instance of "Fandango-ing" that could be found. Whether they'll have any better luck this time with Fandango leading the dance himself is something surely to be seen in the coming weeks.

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