Female Wrestler Recalls Being Forced Out Of WWE's Locker Room

A former WWE Women's Champion wasn't allowed to dress with other wrestlers.

Victoria WWE

Former WWE wrestler Victoria was forced out of the women's locker room when she first signed a full-time contract with the company in 2000.

Victoria told NBC Sports Boston that she turned up, dropped her bags off in the locker room area then went around shaking hands to introduce herself. By the time Vic returned to the changing rooms though, she was stunned to see her luggage sitting outside in the hallway.

When Victoria questioned who had moved it, an unnamed worker looked her dead in the eye and said: "You know, this is for contracted girls only". They didn't seem to know that she'd inked a deal, or maybe they just didn't care and wanted to bully a newcomer.


Taken aback by what had happened but clearly unwelcome in the locker room, Victoria took her bags and walked off to find somewhere else to get dressed for the show. Eventually, she stumbled upon a small "janitor's closet" and decided that was as good a place as any.

It'd be a few weeks before Victoria was welcomed with open arms into the women's dressing room.

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