Final 19 Episodes Of WCW Thunder Added To WWE Network

For those with a high pain threshold, all 156 episodes of Thunder are now available to revisit.

For those of you with a penchant for pain or who simply have a morbid curiosity, the final run of WCW Thunder episodes have now been added to the WWE Network.

WWE themselves announced the news, with the company having added the final 19 episodes of Thunder to their on-demand streaming service. Said episodes run from November 2000 up until WCW closed its doors for good in March 2001.

This now means that all 156 two-hour episodes of WCW Thunder are now available on the WWE Network for your viewing, err, pleasure.


To be fair, there is some great content in amongst those episodes, and Thunder did originally start off hot. But by the end? Well, let’s just say WCW Thunder was the perfect example of what went wrong with WCW, period.

One thing to look out for on these newly added final Thunder outings, though, is the national TV debut of a certain AJ Styles – who was at that point called Air Styles and paired with Air Paris to form the Air Raid tag tandem.


For the final March 21st, 2001 episode of Thunder, some of the company’s heavy hitters were completely absent in a show headlined by Scott Steiner & Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes in a handicap match.

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