Finn Bálor's Next WWE Feud REVEALED

Bálor won't be tangling with Roman Reigns - WWE has someone else in mind.

Baron Corbin Finn Balor

Finn Bálor won't be wrestling Roman Reigns for the Universal Title anytime soon.

WWE mapped out Finn's real plan on Friday's episode of SmackDown. Instead of jousting with the 'Tribal Chief', the Irishman looks set to face none other than Baron Corbin in a protracted series of bouts - the first will happen on next week's episode.

The company made that official after Corbin gatecrashed Bálor's contract signing segment with Roman on the show. That led to John Cena making the save before putting pen-to-paper on the agreement himself. Long story short, Finn is out of the Universal Title scene, Baron was never anywhere near it anyway and Cena will work Reigns at SummerSlam on 21 August.


This outcome leaves Finn and Corbin as natural enemies.

Things aren't as bad as some fans might think though; yes, a feud between these guys was horrible on Raw a few years back, but there's mileage in Corbin's loser story, and at least Finn is guaranteed some TV time out of it.


An alternative plan would be capitalising on the sympathy Baron has been getting lately by turning Bálor heel again. He was fab as a villain on NXT, after all.

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