Former AEW Tag-Team Champions Will NOT Reunite

You've seen the last of this unlikely pairing in AEW, ex-tag champs or not!

AEW Collision Big Bill Ricky Starks

Fightful Select is reporting that AEW has decided to move on from the team of Ricky Starks and Big Bill for good. The duo won't be reuniting once Starks returns from an injury layoff, largely because Big has moved on creatively.

Currently, Bill sits under the "Learning Tree" of one Chris Jericho on TV. In storyline, it was Bill who pursued that - he encouraged Jericho to keep a beady eye on his matches, and begged the veteran to teach him. Since then, Jericho has enlisted the former tag champ as an enforcer.


What does that mean for Ricky then? Well, he'll resume his singles career after healing up from a neck stinger suffered a few months ago. It's understood that both men were happy with what they achieved together, but neither sees any real point in continuing as a team.

Together, Bill and Starks held the AEW Tag-Team Titles for 123 days before dropping them to Sting and Darby Allin on the 7 February edition of Dynamite. They'd go on to enter the tournament brackets once Sting and Darby vacated the belts, but lost out to Top Flight.

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