Former Champion Leaving WWE NXT Next Week? (SPOILERS)

Get ready to say goodbye to one of NXT's top wrestlers from next week's show...

Bronson Reed Adam Cole

Bronson Reed could be on his way out of NXT after a loss to Adam Cole on this week's television tapings.

WWE taped the next two weeks of black and gold shows this Wednesday, as NXT's 27 July and 3 August episodes are being moved from USA Network to SYFY to avoid clashing with the Olympic games. Full spoilers hit the internet soon after.

Cole defeating Reed one-on-one on the 27 July show was listed. Unsurprising, given that the two have been feuding on NXT television lately, but the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer claims to have been told that the way the bout played out made it seem like a "farewell" for Bronson.


Linked with a main roster call-up extensively over the past few weeks, Reed has attended multiple tryouts, worked a SmackDown dark match, and competed on Main Event. He also dropped the NXT North American Championship to Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott on 29 June, seemingly freeing him to ascend.

Reed, 32, has been with WWE since signing a developmental deal in 2019. His run peaked when he captured the North American strap from Johnny Gargano in May.

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