Former Tag-Team Star Says WWE Has "Forgotten About" Him

A member of WWE's "forgotten" tag-team shoots on making a possible return in 2023.

The Ascension

Ex-WWE star Viktor says the company has "forgotten about" his tag-team alongside fellow alumni Konnor: The Ascension.

Viktor added that he wouldn't expect to be handed a similar contract to beloved 'Attitude Era' relics The Headbangers - he doesn't think The Ascension are viewed that way by Vince McMahon or Triple H, so there's no legends deal coming their way.


He's also been torn on ever attempting a comeback since being canned by WWE in December 2019. Vik admits he's been "bitter" about that on and off for years, but suggested he would weigh up an offer if one ever came from WWE's side again.

Specifically, he'd ponder a singles run. He and Konnor don't really stay in touch these days. They pretty much lost touch during the global pandemic, and haven't picked things back up again. That, Viktor added, is a bit of a shame considering they'd been thinking of doing some work together on the independent scene pre-COVID.


Vik isn't so sure WWE would be too interested in bringing him back at this stage in the game though. That ship might've sailed for The Ascension!


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