Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Gets New Ring Name

This new name is, erm, quite difficult to chant...

Jordan Devlin

A vignette aired on last night's episode of NXT 2.0 confirming the arrival of a new name.

Not a new wrestler, as such, but a new name: the former Jordan Devlin, who incidentally is also a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, is set to make his "debut" imminently (!). He is now going by the name "JD McDonagh," which in addition to being fairly generic is something of a syllable nightmare to chant out loud. To many wrestling fans, this might not be such a disaster.

The new character is an ambitious moneyed playboy type who, in the vignette, is giving up his penthouse flat in Dublin "for a damn good reason" which the audience "will find out soon enough". McDonagh has kept his 'Ace' moniker.


This development is a particularly odd extension of an already puzzling WWE practise; changing the name of a performer is par for the course, but it was almost suggested that this was the first time the audience had been introduced to McDonagh, even though he has held gold on this very brand, for which he made his first appearance in 2020.

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