Former WWE Star: "The Miz Has A Good Heart"

The Miz received some sincere praise from a former WWE colleague recently.

The Miz Alex Riley

Former WWE star Alex Riley, who now wrestles as Kevin Kiley in the NWA, has nothing but good things to say about ex-peer The Miz.

Kiley told PWMania that Miz "has a good heart" and "was always good to me" when they were working together. He credits Miz for helping him stand out from the crowd during the early days of NXT (when it was more of a talent show than a developmental territory), and for giving him a WrestleMania moment at ringside in 2011.

The one-time WWE star will never forget those experiences as long as he lives, but he wanted to point out just how kind and helpful The Miz was when he could've big-leagued a rookie. That was probably never going to be Miz's style, especially considering the rough road he travelled upon first joining the company.


Regardless, Kevin appreciated just how far Miz went to try and help him during his stay in WWE. Now, he's determined to put on a show at NWA's 'Nuff Said' against fellow WWE alumni EC3. That 11 February pay-per-view will only be Kiley's second wrestling match since 2016.

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