Former WWE Star Big Cass Reveals His Biggest Fear About Returning To Wrestling

CaZXL was REALLY worried about what WWE fans would think of his wrestling return.

Big Cass Enzo Amore
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Ex-WWE star Big Cass, who now wrestles as caZXL, recently returned to the ring alongside his old pal Enzo Amore. That indy date (for Doc Gallows' Lariato Pro Wrestling) was a nervy one for the former NXT man.

He needed a pep talk from Gallows behind the curtain.

The big man also told WrestleTalk that he did a lot of soul-searching before stepping foot inside a wrestling ring again. His WWE run ended so badly, and caused so much personal anguish, that Cass wasn't sure returning was a good idea at all.


Get this: He was concerned that fans wouldn't remember who was he was at all.

All that worry washed away as soon as XL walked through the curtain for LPW. People, including the talent on the card, were "very happy" to see him. That felt real good for the guy, which is lovely to hear. Cass has been through serious personal problems and addictions, but he wants to make up for lost time.


Everybody deserves a second chance, and this is caZXL's reprieve. Also, for the record, he was in phenomenal shape for that indy booking.

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