Former WWE Star Comes To WCPW On April 29th

We're afraid we've got some 'Bad News'...

Wade Barrrett

On April 29, 2017, WCPW comes to Newcastle's Sports Central for a huge iPPV.

None other than Rey Mysterio will be on the card for the first time ever, bringing his high-flying skills to the WhatCulture audience. The masked man isn't coming alone, he's bringing another former WWE star with him.

Leaving WWE in May last year, Stu 'Wade Barrett' Bennett will join Mysterio on the Newcastle show. Unlike his Mexican counterpart, Bennett won't be wrestling on the card, but he will be making an appearance under the bright lights of WCPW.


Currently focusing on his acting career, Bennett did state during several interviews that he would return to wrestling when the time was right. April 29 is that time, the former WWE star will bring his wealth of experience to WCPW.

A former 5-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bennett was also the 2015 King Of The Ring. Don't worry though, he's not bringing that royal attire with him!


Tickets for April 29 are available now from Don't miss your chance to see the former leader of The Nexus live in Newcastle. Tickets for the live Loaded taping at Domain in Newcastle on March 6 are also available from the same link.

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