Former WWE Star Jack Swagger Makes Surprise Appearance On AEW Dynamite

Jake Hager causes havoc following maiden show's main event.

Jake Hager

A fittingly explosive inaugural edition of AEW Dynamite came to a close with the shocking arrival of former WWE star Jake 'Jack Swagger' Hager.

The recent MMA convert emerged from the crowd during a wild brawl between Chris Jericho's assembled gang of heels and The Elite, Cody and Dustin Rhodes. Hager was the impact player in the segment, linking arms with the 'Painmaker', Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz to beat down the top babyface crew in a powerful closing angle.

Resisting the urge to do his former Stamford signature, Hager was nonetheless showered with "We The People" chants from a white hot crowd clearly elated with his arrival.


Ahead of the show, predictions had been made in select circles about his impending debut after he inadvertently noted how both himself and Jon Moxley had been in talks with the group before the latter's Double Or Nothing pay-per-view debut in May. Held off from then, his name gradually disappeared from discussion, particularly when Jericho ended any speculation about his main event tag partners with a reveal earlier this week.

The show went off the air before the shock of the scene evaporated, so expect Hager - possibly alongside Jericho's crew - to explain his actions next week.

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