Former WWE Star Says Toy Companies Thought He Was A JANITOR

Jakks thought this ex-WWE star's gimmick was playing janitor on Raw and SmackDown.

Lance Storm Intercontinental Champion

Imagine Lance Storm's face.

It must've been a picture when Jakks Pacific contacted him and asked him to "record all these lines about mopping floors" in 2001. The confused wrestler told Fightful he was fresh from working a one-off segment on Raw - he'd just been kayfabe fired post-WCW/ECW Invasion angle, and was shown mopping at WWF New York.

Someone at the toy company watched that one snippet and had a brainwave. Or, they had a brain fart, because they thought that being a janitor was Storm's full time gimmick in the promotion. That's why they wanted him to record some voice samples for a new action figure set based on "his character".


Lance, who had been Intercontinental Champ and one of the highlights during WCW's final year, was mortified by their pitch. All he could do was make an "Augh" sound when Jakks approached him.

It happened though. Storm even tweeted out a picture of his 'Unchained Fury' janitor set a few years ago. Yes, someone at Jakks took the words 'Unchained Fury' and created a janitorial play set with them.


Bet that thing goes for megabucks on eBay. Feel the fury.

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